About Us

«Atayb Bader» Foundation is an Egyptian leader in dairy production Managed since its inception to the present day to enjoy the confidence of consumers
it was founded in 1998 as « AL BADER » and then the name of the
current development of the institution in 2012 as «Atayb Bader»
«Atayb Bader» progress a wide range of products in a short period of time had arrived for the export market to many of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).
«Atayb Bader» Foundation produces all kinds of privileged white cheese
And he got all the certificates (ISO), which is witnessing a healthy product quality and use of automated all products meet the tastes and needs of
There is no doubt that a key ingredient Foundation «Atayb Bader» is their
ability to continue to strengthen Its competitive position in all markets and through maintaining the quality of their products and meet the needs of
consumers and the use of scientific research and new technologies and the
application of best work across the organization practices activity.

Stuff We Do Best

Organic Products Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 88%
Packaging: 75%